Waterfountain Presented at Global Conference

Kyle Hopkins presented Waterfountain at a conference entitled, “Strategy for Storms, Flooding & Sea Level Defense Investments” organised jointly by The Society of American Military Engineers and The Propeller Club of Northern California. In the summary report, the conference organiser Stas Margaronis highlighted Oisann Engineering.

“Kyle Hopkins, partner Oisann Engineering based in Norway, discussed the company’s desalination module that will operates offshore and in 300-meter depths. The module is scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2021, Hopkins said. The Norwegian company believes the technology will eliminate the negative impacts of generating excessive brine and harming marine life that has been a criticism of land-based desalination plants. Hopkins argues that the massive deployment of offshore wind farms powering the desalination modules could create an offshore fleet of renewably powered desalination vessels that could pump fresh water back into coastal freshwater tables.”

The full report can be found here

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