We believe that everybody deserves clean water and that solving the water crisis should not create an environmental crisis.

Waterfountain +

Waterfountain 10

Waterfountain 10 is an unmanned, modularized desalination system that can store up to 30 m³ and produce up to 3,000 m³ per day


Benefits of Waterfountain

What a Decommissioned Waterfountain Looks Like

Using standard reverse osmosis technology, Waterfountain’s system-wide innovation significantly reduces the environmental impact of desalination

A Brief History

The Waterfountain desalination system was invented and developed by Tor Stolpestad, Rolf Bendiksen and Kurt Andresen.  Tor, who is now a member of the board of directors was responsible for service contracts, addressing all warranty claims, operating contracts and sales of offshore rig equipment and services.  Kurt has retired after a successful career in the offshore industry in which he helped develop and operate cutting several edge technologies.  During his offshore career, Rolf designed and patented gas/fluid driven hydraulic compensators, riser systems and a tension assembly.  Rolf continues to innovate as the technology lead.

Daily Leader: Per Olsen

Per is a proven entrepreneur who has started, built and operate a successful company in Norway.  He also has extensive experience as a corporate finance executive.

Technology: Rolf Bendiksen

During his decades of offshore experience Rolf developed and patented marine operation systems.

Administration: Kyle Hopkins

Kyle has developed and implemented sales and administration systems for growing companies in USA and Asia.