We believe that everybody deserves clean water and that solving the water crisis should not create an environmental crisis.

Waterfountain +

Waterfountain 10

Waterfountain 10 is an unmanned, modularized desalination system that can store up to 30 m³ and produce up to 3,000 m³ per day


Benefits of Waterfountain

What a Decommissioned Waterfountain Looks Like

Using standard reverse osmosis technology, Waterfountain’s system-wide innovation significantly reduces the environmental impact of desalination

The innovative Waterfountain method of desalination has been proven and third party verified by SINTEF, one of Europes largest independent research organisations. The patent is approved in five countries and processing in 29 countries.

Waterfountain is designed to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Waterfountain will improve access to water for women and girls, enabling the pursuit of education and economic activity.

Waterfountain is a viable alternative to unsustainable over extraction of fresh water sources and could even provide water to replenish aquifers and reservoirs. 

Waterfountain produces considerably less pollution than standard desalination plants.  As Waterfountain is adopted, pollution from desalination can be reduced.